September 9, 2018-September 15, 2018

This week, we started to welcome our new members at our call-out meeting! At this meeting, we said good-bye to our previous faculty sponsor, Mrs. Govert, to welcome our new sponsor, Mr. Knight, along with the newly interested students. While Mrs. Govert is no longer our faculty sponsor, she is still happy to support this team and will continue working with us. Additionally, at our call-out meeting, we introduced our team officers along with the ideas and objectives of our club. Munster Horsepower is also proud to say that we had a turnout of more than 30 students at our call-out meeting, thus expecting a great, booming season!

Following our call-out meeting on the 13th, we had a fundraiser at Chipotle, raising around $100. On September 14th, our team was present at the school’s football game as well. Here, we sold glow sticks along with glow-in-the-dark horses that represent our school.

If you are interested in a fundraiser our sponsorship with our team, please check the bottom of the page for contact information.

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