April 8, 2018 – April 14, 2018

This week was the Indiana State Competition. This competition was very bittersweet. While we may not have done our best, the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by our whole team. Our graduating member were sad to leave the field as students for the last time. However, our lack of a great performance still drives our returning members to do much better the following season. While our scores weren’t the most positive, we showed new signs of growth on the field. We filled the vault faster, played better defense, and had developed the ability to pre-load a cube. Behind the scenes and off the field, we had won the Judge’s Award. This award is given to a team that is unique and stands out either on or off the field. The FIRST Judge’s award may be given to a team in order to recognize a team’s unique efforts or performance which demonstrate the principles of FIRST.  Our team was awarded the Judges award in special recognition of the team’s unique design of a 21st century garden and rainwater collection system and for their robots collapsible lifting mechanism.

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